8 DIY Decor Projects That Will Make Your Life a Little Easier

Catissa Wall Mounted Cat Tree Solid Wood and Sheepskin. Cats Love It

crochet curtain

A beautiful window covering that acts like a stain glass window. Perfect for a kitchen or laundry room window.

This is one of my grandkids' favorite crafts. You need flowers from your garden and a piece of white cloth for each child.  Using a hammer or a flat rock, have the children pound the flower into the cloth. The flowers "stain" the material, leaving an impressionist style painting.

Bear Hugs Baby: Nature Crafts for Kids- use each of the daisy garden flowers as we work on them. Have a complete picture at end of 2 years.

Poppy BirdbathSmall mosaic birdbath with a large poppy center.  The base has mosaic detail up the pedestal and around the foot section.  Can be done in a custom design and colors

Showcase Mosaics Photos of Mosaic Birdbaths, Tables and Sculpture - Showcase…

"heart of stone" - painting on broken stone by d. goth

mosaic style heart of stone painting on broken stone hearts of stone CSUSM poetry without borders assemblage of large hear.

Creative and Awesome Do It Yourself Project Ideas !

Left with loads of unused mosaic crafts? Make something innovating instead of simply ditching them away with these super-amazing DIY mosaic crafts.