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Cool Beads

Just as the title states: Cool beads.

Cool Beads

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Czech Pressed Glass. 8mm Round Druk Beads. Color: Capri Blue. Quantity 25 Beads. Glass beads in deep Capri blue. The classic Czech Druk bead. Unlike Austrian crystals, Czech glass beads contain no lead. Colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot, so it is best to buy sufficient beads for your project all at one time. Measurements: 8mm diameter. 25 beads is approximately 7.25 inches of beads when strung.

Czech Pressed Glass. 8mm Round Druk Beads. Color: Capri Blue. Quantity 25 Beads. Glass beads in deep Capri blue. The classic Czech Druk bead. Unlike Austrian crystals, Czech glass beads contain no lead. Colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot, so it is best to buy sufficient beads for your project all at one time. Measurements: 8mm diameter. 25 beads is approximately 7.25 inches of beads when strung.

Stores online like the Firestone Gem Mountain, is a one-stop shop for all the bead supplies a person needs. It also provides other materials that can be used in making a handcrafted jewelry. They also have a free catalog for customers who want to browse through their products. They also have different resources a customer can choose from, if he/she needs help in making jewelries. They have videos on how-to, complete dictionary of beading term, useful charts and articles and answers to the most common jewelry questions. They also provide picture designs for beginners to copy or get an idea with. Another one of those bead suppliers is The Beadstalk. They also have supplies and tools from pliers to stringing metals.  They have wide range of beads, from semi-precious stones to Swarovski to sterling silvers. Unlike Firestone Gem Mountain, The Beadstalk only has products to offer, no resources, and no guides, although both of high quality from imported products. Panda Hall on the other hand, offers discounts, sales and free shipping to customers who are interested in buying beads from them. They have wholesale and retail as well. Their products are of factory price and they offer catalogs to customer as well. However, since they cater to both domestic and international, their product does not include VAT, since every country has different laws regarding tax, so it depends on where the person is living. Beads unlimited on the other hand offer customers discounts, flat rate on shipping fee or even free shipping fee for a minimum purchase and they even have a survey where one can win a prize if he/she participates. All of their prices are VAT inclusive already. They also have resources for first timers and for people who needs assistance. They have videos and catalogs that can be downloaded for the customer. There are more bead suppliers a person can find online. They may differ in their offers but one can still be satisfied in finding what he/she needs. These bead suppliers help their customer in a way one can never imagine. They go the extra mile to help those who need one. They make sure that they give customer service at its finest.

If you want better quality or cheaper pricing in the beads you usually buy than what your local shops can provide, then online is the place to be. The below tips will help you in your problem of how and where to buy beads online:    1)     Scout for online shops that supply beads. If you have friends who are also into crafting, you can ask them for possible companies of where to buy beads online. You can even request to see samples bought from such shops so that you can assess the quality. Upon finding the bead sufficient to your needs, you can check the company Web site selling them. Another option is to look for suppliers on your own by typing the phrase “bead for sale” or similar keywords. 2)     Contrast and compare shops. When you have the results of your search, try to check each site out. A tip for you is to look at the first ten, twenty, or more sites as the results are usually ranked according to the most looked at and most useful sites suited to your keyword. Among the aspects you need to look into when finding the perfect bead shop is the number of bead stocks, types, and colors it supplies; quality of products; shipping and delivery service; and others.    3)     Contact the online shop you are interested in. Look for a way to contact the proprietor of the online shop. Usually this can come in a form of chat room or leaving of comments. It is best if you can talk to the owner or customer service real time so that all your follow-up questions can be answered.   Check the pricing and possible discounting. This is the most important aspect when scouting for sites of where to buy beads online. If you run a crafting business, it is best to go for shops that sell wholesale beads because they give the largest discount. Some shops give discount if you reach a specific number or price. Others promise to take care of the shipping cost. Compute on the per piece cost of each bead, taking into account the total cost so that you will know which is cheaper.

A main requirement when you are into crafting or run a crafting business is to know where to get quality beads. After all, whether you are to make a scrapbook of your summer vacation or sell cross stitch patterns of angels, your work is never complete without the beads to adorn them. So if you find yourself thinking “where can I buy beads that are suited to my creativity” all the time, this article is for you. The following are pros and cons of the two main sources of beads: 1)      Local craft or specialty shops. The best thing about turning to such shops is that you will be able to actually see and have a feel of the beads that are sold there. Also, you will be able to bring the beads that you purchase when you leave the shop. The downside to turning to such shops is that you will also be spending on the traveling expense. Furthermore, your choices will be limited to those that are sold in that shop. Thus, if you want to have a complete set of beads, you need to visit several shops. 2)      Online. You are sure to find what you are looking for online and so much more. In addition, you will also be able to get the best prices and discounts with a fiercer competition online. Shopping online is easy and you will be able to do it within the comforts of your home. The downside is that you need to further ask yourself the question “where can I buy beads online” with the vastness of the Internet.   Aside from looking for an answer to your question of “where can I buy beads,” you also need to look into the “what” aspect. Before contacting the shops, you need to know what you need. Envision whatever it is that you are to make, then list down the beads you will be needing, detailing the type (bugle, center, oval, seed, or sequins), material (glass, metal, plastic, or wood), color, and size. You also need to make an estimate of your budget so you won’t find yourself short of cash.

In crafting, beads always serve as the best accents for whatever project you are to embark on. Whether for business or personal use, they make an otherwise ordinary and boring project special. If you are new to crafting, buying beads will be the first challenge you need to tackle to make your project into a reality. So to help you in buying beads, the following are useful tips to guide you: 1)      Determine your purpose. The type of beads that you buy will ultimately depend on the project you are to create. For instance, if you are to make a bracelet, different kinds of bugle beads in combination with center beads will do nicely. For dress work, seed beads and sequins are the best choice.     2)      Envision your project. Try to think how your project will look like so that when you do purchase the materials you will be using, you already know what you will need. Better yet, you can even sketch your project and label the specific materials as well as colors you will be using. This way, when you want to change something, you won’t have a hard time. 3)      Get inspiration. To make your idea more extensive, you can incorporate your idea with that of others. If not, you can just see what others have thought of so that you can vary your project to make it one of a kind.  Also you can look at what people love for bead projects to be sure that your work will be a hit to the end users. For this, you can look at magazines, DIY materials, and online sources.   Find your source. The most challenging part of any project is making your idea into a reality. When buying beads and other materials for your project, you need to look at a single source that will offer you a variety of materials so that no matter what project you embark on, you are sure that you will be able to complete it. The Internet is the best source you can have as you will be able to find anything you need there.

Crafting with beads can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Aside from having an enjoyable and relaxing time, you can convert your hobby into a profitable business. The key to doing so is finding the best place to buy beads online. The following are aspects you need to look into when finding a shop to supply you with quality beads: 1)      Offers you with a variety of choices.  The online shop should be able to cater to all your bead needs. Whatever business you are planning on starting whether souvenir or a gown rental store, the online supplier needs to have almost all types of beads you will be using from bugle to rice beads of all colors and sizes.  2)      Always updated with the latest. Just like fashion, beads also evolve depending on people’s interest and tastes. The online bead shop should be able to understand this, thus, should know the latest when it comes to beads. It should also take the time to update you with what’s new whenever you buy beads online.    3)      Takes customer service to a higher level. No matter how good an online bead shop is, you will always find problems needing their immediate attention along the way. Having damaged products delivered or having ordered by mistake a certain type of beads falls under this. The shop needs to be able to accept returns without any questions. You would also want the shop to answer your queries in the shortest time possible in case of rush orders.    4)      Gives discounts when you buy more. Wholesale will give you the largest of all discounts. However, because this involves buying a single product in bulk, you should make sure you will be needing that many. Another option is to look for shops that give you discount per piece whenever you make a large purchase. Has good reviews. Because you are to buy beads online, look for reviews that customers have about that shop. Reviews will tell you if the shop is as good as its claim or not. Furthermore, reviews will also tell you how famous the online store is to bead shoppers.

In these times of economic recession, starting a business can be a way of guarding yourself against the fluctuating unemployment rates. One of the businesses that will always be in demand to customers is a bead shop. If you have beads for sale, you can supply the following businesses: 1) Souvenir shop. Because there are many occasion needing giveaway items, your supply of beads will always stay wanted. Whether a wedding, debut, or even a reunion, you have a flower needing beadwork or an invitation needing accentuation. 2) Dress shops. Whether stores that will be selling the dresses they make or renting them out, they will surely need Swarovski beads or sequins. A dress will be simple and less glamorous without the various kinds of beads to adorn them. 3) Spiritual item shop. One of the most frequent uses of beads is for making of rosaries or meditation beads. Thus, if your business supplies beads, you are sure to have such shops knocking on your door. 4) Art shops. Artists always find many ways to use beads creatively. Artists of three-dimensional paintings use beads in their masterpieces. Makers of dolls utilize beads in the dresses of dolls. Of course, creators of purses require beads to make their items more saleable. 5) Jewelry shops. Sometimes wearing gold and silver jewelry can just be too much for a particular occasion. Take for instance everyday getup, a person will look too frivolous wearing such jewelry. But a jewelry stringed with beads will fit any event or occasion whether everyday wearing or for special parties and gatherings. In addition, jewelry businesses can cater to the need for customized beadwork by ordering in shops that have beads for sale. The trick to make your business work when you have beads for sale is to ensure that you have almost every type of beads from bugle to rice beads of any make from glass to metal in any color and size. You can even make your shop more in demand by making it into a crafts shop and giving mini-seminars on bead uses. By being complete, your customer won’t need to turn to the competition. buybeadsrightnow....