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Rescued Tucson Puppies

Rescued Tucson Puppies

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Adoptable Puppy Tennessee Yawns

Tecumseh the 9 week old Hound Mix

Mario and Penelope Smiling

Cotton Craves Comedy. She is a BARK mom that came into our organization with her adorable puppies. Cotton is a Shepherd, maybe Shina Inu too?

"What are you eating?" Amy and Brownie were two of my foster pups adopted out in mid-April. I love the dual expressions on Amy's face while Brownie chomped on yard smootz.

Jo and Flo the Boxer/Black Labrador BARK puppies were adopted in April. They were available for adoption for two months in early 2012.

Little Cupcake the Australian Shepherd Mom is tired of joking around and would like to rest at her future forever home already!

Min Pin/Manchester Terrier Pickles had so many issues when he first came into our home as a foster that we ended up falling in love with him instead and making him the 5th forever dog.

I'll never forget the moment I first saw how cute Fiona was. A PACC attendant pulled her out of the crate and I was blown away at how a dog as stunningly adorable as she was could end up surrendered at the pound! We ended up adopting this expecting wirehaired terrier after all her puppies found their own forever homes!

Double Dot: A Future Forever Dog. This is the second "Forever Dog" Poster I made after my first got quite a few suggestions for additional popular excuses on why people can't retain members of their family. Ironically, Dot, sister of the dog pictured, was returned three times before (hopefully) finding her forever forever home.

Amy Says Goodbye to her brother King Kong. It gets pretty disheartening when you watch a litter of puppies blossom into awesome young dogs then helplessly witness one or two of the puppies not get adopted. Amy was one of these last dogs, but then a great Tucson couple came in to view the previously-adopted King Kong. Fortunately Amy was able to win their hearts and we've now seen her come in for a booster, happy, healthy and impressing her new family every day!

AC and Cooper the 15 week old Husky/Chow puppies are still awaiting forever families. Any thoughts on the presentation method? I want to keep putting out frameless single shots too, but mix it up until I find a format worth sticking to.

"Alas, poor Yorick" Back in November I was fostering this little Terrier/Chihuahua/? mix named Rachel. She was definitely one of the tiniest 8 week old puppies I've ever had, so I was seaching out items to demonstrate scale and an anatomy school skull rolled into the frame. Over the next couple of weeks Rachel was adopted and renamed Sookie, where she lives happy with her new family.

A.C.'s Third Week at the Petco Adoption Site was unsuccessful. Since BARK is new to Pinterest, most of the images I pin will be from the Flickr Photostream, which contains over 1100 images. Remember that most of the puppies have been adopted and the most accurate way to keep up is to bookmark

Denim the 10 week old Australian Shepherd Puppy will be at Petco this Saturday for his third shot at finding a forever family. Denim is the last of his litter to still be with BARK

Olivia was a puppy of Hazel, one of my favorite adult fosters ever! Olivia is a terrier mix who I hope is still doing fantastic in her forever home.

This picture was taken in April of 2011 right after Mickey was returned to us at 9 weeks old. This picture went on to be chosen as the January 2012 image in the Petcofoundation's calendar. Mickey also quickly found another home that could appreciate him!

Cattle Dog/Beagle Puppy Luna was left behind bars at our Petco site last summer, watching her her two brothers Levi and Liam were adopted. As you can imagine, Luna was promptly adopted the following Saturday.

Little Cupcake is an adoptable dog that came to us as a mother. All her puppies were adopted to forever homes around Tucson about a year ago, while Little Cupcake has waited for the perfect family to come and adopt her from our Petco site on Oracle Rd. Little Cupcake tried on a Thundercoat for this latest publicity shoot. Little Cupcake is a 3 year old short Australian Shepherd mix. She will need some basic training, but overall is great in her foster home with people, kids and dogs

After a disappointing Saturday, Denim looks for a sign of inspiration at our Tucson Petco adoption site location. Denim is a 10 week old fluffy Australian Shepherd male. His litter is pretty relaxed. Denim is the only puppy from that litter of 6 still awaiting his forever home.

  • Lilly Gonzalez
    Lilly Gonzalez

    I pray he found one...♥

Spider and Rolo are from the same litter we had in March 2012. These Aussie Shepherds spent a couple of weeks at the Petco adoption site before their forever families stepped forward to claim them as their own. Just like Rolo, Spider has very arresting eyes and she was always a tad shy.

Rolo is a beautiful Aussie Shepherd mix who I only got to meet a few times back in March, especially after I posted this picture of his beautiful face! This photograph was Explored on Flickr.

15 week old Husky/Chow mix Cooper poses in front of the Petco Adoption Kiosk. Cooper is one the only remaining pups from that litter, alongside AC, still available for adoption.