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In Brazil, photographer Vitor Schietti uses long-exposure photography and fireworks to wrap trees with illusions of cobwebs made of light. Entitled ‘Impermanent Sculptures’, the series was made after many, many years of research on long-exposure photography. It involves waving fireworks around the trees at twilight and combining the 12 exposures to create the light painting. […]

Firework Light Paintings, Vitor Schietti In his series Impermanent Sculptures, artist Vitor Schietti uses a firework to create long exposure, light paintings that only the camera’s eye sees.

Isis 'price list' for child slaves confirmed as genuine by UN official Zainab Bangura - Middle East - World - The Independent

Yazidis in Iraq flee for their lives. A displaced Iraqi girl from the Yazidi community holds a piece of bread after crossing the Iraqi-Syrian border at the Fishkhabur crossing, in northern Iraq, on August 2014 (AFP Photo/Ahmad al-Rubaye)

Over three years, photographer Jimmy Nelson travelled the world, ‘visiting more than 35 groups, tribes and people of indigenous cultures’ to create his incredible photo series, 'Before They Pass Away'.

Picture of workers at a hydroelectric plant in South America

National Geographic's Photo Of The Day: Power Lines - In this entry to the Traveler Photo Contest, two power plant workers walk over a generator cover in Itaipu, a hydroelectric power plant on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

The Mask Of Sorrow

"The Mask of Sorrow" is a monument perched on a hill above Magadan, Russia, commemorating the many prisoners who suffered and died in the Gulag prison camps in the Kolyma region of the former Soviet Union.

The Sad & Fascinating Reality Of Where Children Sleep

WTF fun fact # 5613 - Photographer James Mollison created a series called "Where Children Sleep" that feature portraits of kids around the world paired with the vastly different environments they sleep in. ~WTF not-so-fun facts