Shark Vs. Train

"I'm going to choo-choo you up and spit you out." "Ha! I'm going to fin-ish you, mackerel-breath." Who will win? Well, that depends... A New York Times…
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a group of people sitting around each other in a room with books on the shelves
Padrón Elementary on Twitter
My favorite Texas state senator at work! "Some lucky @PadronBadgers listen carefully as @KirkPWatson reads Shark vs. Train!"
three children's books are shown with markers
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Jonathan Sanchez is a jack of all (book) trades: owner of Blue Bicycle Books, author, founder of Write of Summer children’s camp and creator of YALLFest, Charleston’s own Young Adult Book Festival drawing the country’s best YA authors. This man knows books. So when he doles out recommendations, we listen! We asked Jonathon to guide us in reading this Spring with suggestions for every age group.
there are three pictures of a shark cake
Misery Loves Co photos
"The shark vs. train bday cake!"
five children's books about shark in the park, 5 shark books for kids
"So, even though Shark Week is officially over, here are five colorful books to keep the excitement going..."
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From the blog J2J Project: A year-long photo project between brothers. See if you can guess which book the photo next to it represents...
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Anthony reviews Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton, his favorite 2012 Monarch Nominee
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"Today in our 4 to 6 year old storytime we traveled to the depths of the ocean and read a bunch of stories about the biggest, baddest creature in the ocean........sharks! Fortunately, the sharks in these books weren't quite as scary as their real life counterparts can sometimes be. "Shark vs. Train" by Chris Barton "Don't Eat the Teacher!" by Nick Ward "Never Take a Shark to the Dentist (and other things not to do)" by Judy Barrett "Gilbert the Hero" by Jane Clark"
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"A sign on the door indicates ISTEP testing is going on in a classroom at Emmons Elementary School in Mishawaka, Ind." I bet students will be glad when testing is done and they can get back to reading books -- like that copy of Shark Vs. Train sitting on the shelf in the background...