The Day-Glo Brothers

You know those fluorescent oranges and yellows and greens that you see every day on traffic cones, safety vests, highlighters, and so on? A hundred years…
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a woman wearing sunglasses standing in front of colorful lights
Inside the Day-Glo wonderland of the 'Cosmic Cavern' in Portland
"Forget the 1990s, this fall Portland is going back to those chaotic Day-Glo 1980s. That's the scene at the Portland Art Museum, at least, where Kenny Scharf's "Cosmic Cavern" is illuminating people with loads of blacklight neon paint."
an open children's book with a green car in the background and flames coming out of it
The Day-Glo Brothers - The story of Day-Glo paint, told with Day-Glo inks
a brightly colored horse statue is in front of a building with a sign on it
"Ever wonder where DayGlo paint came from ? The “Day-Glo Brothers” Bob and Joe Switzer invented daylight fluorescent inks when Bob had a head injury that messed up his vision. They later founded the Day-Glo Color Corporation in 1946, here in Cleveland, Ohio."
a colorful tie and matching headbands on a white surface with an odd design
Vintage 80s Mens NEON Tie / 1980s Necktie / Dayglo Abstract / | Etsy
"Vintage 80s Mens NEON tie / 1980s necktie / dayglo abstract / op art geometric ombre / new wave hipster hip hop"
a poster for the queen's of the stone age concert in los angeles, california
Trực tiếp bóng đá xoilac tv, xem bóng da xoilac 4k tại xôi lạc tv
Illustration by Martin Ontiveros • Design by Kii Arens
there are many decorated hot dogs on the table
Charlesbridge Unabridged
"Speaking of cupcakes... whenever anything remotely good happens at Charlesbridge -- a book wins a major award, someone has a baby, a brand new episode of Lost -- the staff at the Bridge tends to celebrate. Never met an office-full of people so ready to stop, drop, and gather in the conference room for some chips and dip. Or, in this case, Day-Glo cupcakes."
three children's books sitting on top of a book shelf next to each other
Charlesbridge Unabridged
"But the most exciting part of all -- as always -- was Monday morning and the awards announcements. This year Charlesbridge got to scream real loud (just like on Pee Wee's Playhouse). The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton and illustrated by Tony Persiani, was named a Sibert Honor Book."
a man is standing in front of some pipes and drums on a pink floor with other equipment
DayGlo Color Corp. factory to learn how they make the famous fluorescent paints that light up traffic cones, black light posters, hula-hoops and so much more. In the 1950’s, DayGlo founders Bob and Joe Switzer developed a unique pigment production process that led to a boom in their fluorescent paint business and, more recently, earned their company a 2012 ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark. Check out the video to learn what makes fluorescent colors so vivid.
two pumpkins are sitting on plates next to a box of doughnuts that look like they have been carved into them
It's Glowing @ your Library
"The children were thrilled when the book's day-glo illustrations came alive under black lighting. It is a perfect seasonal read. Check it out today!"
many different children's books are shown in this collage with the same image
Credit Reward Perks
"Here are 30 excellent picture book biographies for kids interested in nature, science, invention, justice, presidents, sports and the arts."
a young boy holding up a book in a library
"Earlier this month intermediate students were introduced to the newest Rebecca Caudill and Bluestem award books by Mrs. Domek, LMC Director. A popular Bluestem book, The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton, was especially liked by Julian P. Julian just happened to be wearing Day-Glo colors the day the book was introduced!"