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I've always used glitter for shots like this, but it would be fun to try bigger chunks of stars. --Cute for grad or wedding glitter too

You can use this pose in an Alice and Wonderland shoot as the queen of hearts... "Painting the roses red" ;)

idea for your board ! You can use this pose in an Alice and Wonderland shoot as the queen of hearts. "Painting the roses red" ;

smokey eye, red lip,and hair.


I chose this photo because the use of color and texture really grabs me. The contrast of the red against the black and white photo with the texture of the paint on the lips is very cool.


red , sex , lust , power ,etc

Makeup tips and tricks for wearing glasses! I need this!

Favorite Things Friday

I love the hairstyle on this girl. I miss my bangs. Makeup tips and tricks for wearing glasses!

Art photography

Could melt lipstick or use paint then dip the paintbrush in this is so cool

(100+) Tumblr

art - sculptures - philip moerman - www.


❃"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"❃.

Black Hat - black Photo

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╰☆Black • Red • White☆╮

Black and White and Red Hot

Fantasy Photography. Art. ✯ Broken  by ~NovemberxNight ✯

This reminds me of young Princess Liesbeth of the House of Sempesh. The Sanguinex have been cursed for 500 winters, to eternally thirst for blood, which they claim from their Faerie serfs. Sanguinex also possess golden eyes, which can hypnotise.


Blood blood blood pump more through my veins such a dirty dirty girl I want it…

Right on! #wicked #motivation

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - Glinda, the good witch, The Wizard of Oz. Wow if we would learn that our power is from God and we already have it? How powerful we would be!

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Awesome Queen of Hearts makeup.

Printable vinyl project

home using printable vinyl - A girl and a glue gun I had no idea they had vinyl you could print on!