Furniture for your Basement

Basement furniture can lot less formal than the rest of your house. Get creative, look around you for inspiration and try building something on your own.
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Mmmmmm.... wood pallet projects, so tasty. I found a glass place near me, I could definitely do this one.

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5 Uses for Wood Pallets in the Home

Fold-Out Ottoman Bed - My grandmother had army cots. I loved them. Then again, I was 9 years old. This is much better!

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Love this. I saw someone just the other day with one of these spool strapped to their tiny Honda Civic. Now I think I know why.

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Great color. In the basement you can... choose any color you want!


10 Chic Basements by Candice Olson

Oh, heck yea! Give me two please. You could go wild with these things.

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Rock pillows... I presume? Could be great for a Gemologist's basement. Or, if you are "The Rock".

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