Pumpkin carving creativity

10 awesome jack-o-lantern ideas to try this halloween. From spooky jack-o-lanterns to funny ones, simple one to works of art. Try one of these great ideas.

little pumpkin for head.  Drill holes for Christmas lights.

Pumpkin Creatures: Porcupines

fall decor, tea-light in apple

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Fall: Apple candles are another fun, but simple project. I’ve seen them done in red and green, and I’m thinking it might be cute with a yellower apple, like a Jonagold or a Golden Delicious. Apparently they float, which could be fun!

chalkboard paint on pumpkin

Halloween countdown pumpkin painted w/chalkboard paint. I like the idea of this with black paint, too, rather than chalkboard paint. Do one of those nice artificial pumpkins so could use if year after year. I like the black and white theme.

Pumpkins under cloche

Display all types of winter squash under glass cloches. You may have a jack-o'-lantern on the porch, but these beauties take the cucurbita to new heights — especially when elevated on cake stands, a nod to their eventual conversion to a holiday treat.


Beautiful centerpiece and candles for fall decor on Thanksgiving Holiday! Love the candles!

black & gold paint

Paint Them: Stripes - 12 Easy Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins

Fashionable Stripes Choose a smooth, flat-skinned pumpkin and begin by coating with a base of black acrylic paint. Then using the lines of the pumpkin as your guide dress it up with gold painted stripes.