These orchids are named όρχις Greek "orchis" which means testicle, for the appearance of underground tubercles in some terrestrial species. The word 'orchis' the first used Theophrastus (371/372 -. 287/286 BC), in his book "History plantarum" (The natural history of plants). He was a pupil of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.
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Dendrobium Las orquídeas de este género desarrollan un gran pseudobulbo del que sale un tallo parecido a una caña de una longitud de más de 30 cm. Este está densamente cubierto con unos pelos cortos blancos. Las hojas son cortas y ovales y se disponen alternativa lo largo del tallo. Los capullos axilares de flores se agrupan en ramilletes cortos con una o dos flores terminales, brotando del tallo opuesto a las hojas. Las flores pueden ser pequeñas o también pueden ser vistosas y grandes,

Orchid: Dendrobium pieradii ❥ڿڰۣ-- […] ●♆●❁ڿڰۣ❁ ஜℓvஜ ♡❃∘✤ ॐ♥.


Cypripedium fargesii orchid is very rare with a scattered and restricted distribution in south Gansu, west Sichuan, west Hubei and north Chong, China.

Stunning colour-coordinated Orchid:):)

Catasetum moorei C. 50 Heterotypic Synonyms: Catasetum lanxiforme Senghas, Or.

Sophronitis mantiqueirae - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This plant blooms better and better each year. I love how these Sophronitis form specimen plants!

Schoenorchis fragrans

Miniature-orchid / Micro-orquidea: Schoenorchis fragrans - Mounted on cork

Orchids in Bloom: Dendrobium cuthbertsonii bicolor

This is one of my many plants of this charming species. It comes in a rainbow of colors including this bicolor form, and has flowers that l.

Coelogyne parvulum  (Asia)This is a true miniature with minute...//clinton lewis

Coelogyne parvulum (Asia)This is a true miniature with minute little flowers that pack a strong fragrance (the cork mount is only from top to bottom). Grown wet and shady, the flower spikes emerge.