Maria's uniform and signature look from the movie.

The Julie Andrews Sound of Music Information Page. True stories of Julie Andrews and the making of the Sound of Music movie.

I love this photo but feel her dress is anachronistic.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer ~ Maria and Captain Von Trapp - The Sound of music- this is my most fav scene EVER!

3 original Maria dresses from Debbie Reynolds historic costume collection.

Enchanted Serenity of Period Films: Auction gavel drops for Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood costumes

nice shot of the kids clothes

Julie Andrews and the cast of actors playing the Von Trapp Children in Sound of Music

This is one of the originals from the movie. Maria wore it in the carriage sequence from the Do Re Mi sequence.

An original "Sound of Music" costume on display in museum. Since the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music", this striped dress worn by Julie Andrews as Maria has been

Get the Leisl look!

My obsession with pink probably started when I fell in love with the Sound of Music.

A whole blog about how to sew Sound of Music Costumes. Nice!

Inspired by Liesl's curtain dress, I've sewn a Sound of Music dress using material reminiscent of Maria's curtain fabric.