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STEM Challenge: Build a water slide and then test it- with water! And, just for fun, add a toy figure to the slide to try it out! Have plenty of towels on hand! Read this blog post for details!


5th Grade "Back to School" Unit, Introduction, Procedures, And More

Start your 5th grade year off right, with these fun creative "back to school" activities! This unit includes introductory activities, procedural and expectation activities as well as exciting "get to know you" fun. From writing a "Top Twenty" hit about the expectations, to alliterating the rules, to a poster competition, or even creating a self-esteem timeline, your students will be fully engaged from day one. Move away from the same boring and dull "back to school routines and strategies…


A playlist for morning arrival in your classroom. Upbeat/fast/exciting music gets our kids awake and helps them start the day in a more energetic and alert mood! Great classroom management tool!


Classroom Organization: Managing Student Absences. Great tips from a high school teacher on how to keep track of student absences and the work missed!

First Week Activities: All About ME Index Card Houses (Panicked Teacher's Blog)