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Winter Calls the Way of Life | Ghost Writer Writing - My Blogs and Posts

"10 Steps To The Best Cover For Your Book" by Kate Tilton

"Digital marketing in the era of the tipping point" by Kinshuk Jhala

"How To Use Twitter" by Brandon Widder

Wacky Travel Tales: @JT Twissel considers the process of weaving life experience with moments of make-believe in her novel, THE GRADUATION PRESENT >>> "[I]t’s impossible to remember this book is primarily fiction... [My Uncle Bob tried] to ferret out the real. He couldn’t. Forty years is a long time."

@Terry Persun stops by "Dialogue Between the Lines" to discuss emotion in #writing with Susan Wingate.

Via Badass Marketing, "GOOD MORNING authors! Today's topic is 'How NOT to solicit reviews/publicity from people.'"

Mary Rowen explores what constitutes a *real* writer.

"The Confidence Gap: Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Here's why, and what to do about it" by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

"Why Every Writer Needs Two Educations: Marcus Burke, author of 'Team Seven' and a former college athlete, learned from Carter G. Woodson that teaching yourself is just as important as being taught in the classroom" by Joe Fassler

"Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got." Philip Jose Farmer

@Meredith Schorr dispels 4 common myths about publishing.

"World's Best-Selling Author James Patterson on How to Write an Unputdownable Story" by Joe Berkowitz

The Elmore Leonard Website - Home/Weblog

Elmore Leonard website

Our epubli lab is coming to the UK. Want to stay updated about upcoming webinars and workshops? Then visit our website:

Covers layering strengths (in multiple ways), lists possibilities for strengths, and digs into how strength can shape a story.

Social Media, Book Signings & Why Neither Directly Impact Overall Sales