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duck socks :-) Too freakin' cute LD


soup of the day: mr. duck means business by tammi sauer and jeff mack!


Opposite Pole pattern by Joji Locatelli

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I sooo need to make this! Opposite Pole by Joji Locatelli


Ravelry: Opposite Pole pattern by Joji Locatelli


Swingback pattern by Stephen West

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Ravelry: Project Gallery for Swingback pattern by Stephen West

Swingback pattern by Stephen West

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Sideways Garter Vest | The Purl Bee #Knit #Pattern #Free

Sideways Garter Vest

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a capestyle with the ease of a pullover - I love the inset seed stitch panel to allow for exaggerated raglan lines.

Melissa cape sweater



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It's greek (Russian) to me; the link anyway. Think I could figure it out. Maybe, maybe not. Christy Maybe do it in seed stitch? Like the way it drapes.


from In the Loop Knitting

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Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns, many free patterns at

Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns | In the Loop Knitting

from In the Loop Knitting

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns

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Harry Potter inspired Knitting Patterns, many free knitting patterns | These patterns are not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns | In the Loop Knitting

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one of the best things found on the internet: the crochet cheat sheet!! :D

Cheat Sheets for Crocheters - Andrea's Notebook

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Isabell Kraemer on Instagram: “finished!!!! the REAL Paris shawl (cast on in Paris october 2nd) how it turned out #isabellkraemer #lilalu #paristoujours…”