Sweet baby photo

Doing this with baby girl when she's born 😍💕👶🏽👑 Le Belle Photographie - Wedding and Birth Photographer Murrieta, CA - Colorful floral newborn photography session! A baby surrounded by gorgeous flowers, doesn't get much better than that!

Newspaper from the day baby was born.

newborn baby pic with / ON the newspaper from the day they were born. **we have the paper from his birth day, but the headlines aren't that nice.

Learn how to take the best photos with both natural and artificial light. Learn what to buy and how to set things up at home.

Lighting Tips & Tricks: learn how to take the best photos w/both natural & artificial lighting. Find out what equipment to buy & how to use them in your own home.

For daddy's boy :)

newborn picture newborn pictures in daddy's baseball glove or mommy's. by lois Newborn pictures baseball Great photo idea!

This Ap is awesome. If your camera is ever lost/stolen, you can download a photo you have taken (with the embedded serial number) and it will search for matching serial numbers posted on the internet, so you can see if anyone is using your camera and posting images from it!

STOLEN CAMERA FINDER - This is awesome. If your camera is ever stolen, you can upload a photo you have taken with it, and it will use your EXIF data to find your serial number. Then it will search the internet for pictures that match your photo's serial

Install these free Photoshop actions to get Instagram-like filters.

21 Incredibly Simple Photoshop Hacks Everyone Should Know

Love this so much

I want a picture of my husband like this one day. And if this was a picture of my husband, that'd be okay too. Just kidding, but I really love Josh Turner.

How To Edit Outdoor Senior Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions

How To Edit Outdoor Senior Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions-- my edits are slow and clumsy, need all the help I can get.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - My Pop Artist style inspiration (her red lips would well if the rest of the photo was black and white).