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Deadlifting is one of the best exercises. This compound exercise, if done right has many benefits. This article explores the different types of deadlifts, how to build up your deadlifting form, and properly execute a deadlift safely.


7 Proteins for Meatless Mondays (And How to Use Them)

In honor of World Vegetarian Day (observed on October we're re-sharing one of our favorite vegetarian resources. Avoiding meat but hungering for protein? Look no further than this list of seven protein-packed alternatives to the red (or white) stuff.


Did you know that blueberries have some of the highest antioxidant levels among all fruits and vegetables? See how you can turn this delicious and healthy snack into super potent skin care this summer.

This is a healthy weight loss blog. It is my personal process. I will post tips and little facts that I have learned along the way to healthy. I don't claim to own any of these pictures unless I say otherwise. Just to cover my booty.

With the flu season around the corner it's important to make sure your immunity is in full strength. They're not just great for boosting your immune system. We've got 4 awesome reasons that you're going to want to eat more plant-based foods in your diet!

KETTLEBELLS - CROSSFIT - RUNNING - HEALTHY DIET I'm a certified kettlebell instructor and a bit of a fitness freak :) This is my fitspo blog. If you're following me and you're also an active fitspo blog, let me know and I will follow you back!