Janina Bulibasa

Janina Bulibasa

Janina Bulibasa
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Watercolor & Crayon resist sight words on a candy cane! #Kindergarten

Watercolor & Crayon resist sight words on a candy cane! if you use letters instead of sight words

Glue cotton balls on santas beard from 1-24. Great  holiday craft for the kids

Glue cotton balls onto Santa's beard from 24 to one as you count down Christmas. Great Christmas craft for kids from preschool to grade. or even big kids or kids at heart that just LOVE Christmas!

FREE Printable Figurative Language Anchor Chart Illustrated Posters

alliteration hyperbole idioms metaphors personification onomatopoeia similes Each poster/card has a

With just a few supplies -- paint, glue, and clay -- children can transform the stones they stumble across into animals, people, and toys.

Rock Dominos Rock Dominoes Smooth flat stones aren't just for skipping -- they're perfect for game pieces, too. For a set of dominoes, all you need is 28 stones and a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Begin by drawing a line across the.