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You’ve Got To Try These 25 Essential Oil Recipes for Your Diffuser!

An Herb Body Map

An Herb Body Map » Nature Moms

4 tbsp lemon juice, 1/3 cup raw honey, 2 tbsp organic coconut oil (add cinnamon if you want)

Kid-Friendly Cough Syrup - Modern Alternative Mama

Cough Syrup

Homemade Cough Syrup | Homemade Cough Syrup For Kids

A super immune boosting homemade cough and cold syrup that will help shorten the duration and alleviate the symptoms of a cold or cough.

Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup - Primally Inspired

The Amazing Benefits of Dry Brushing

Why You Should Consider Brushing Your Skin - Daily Makeover

Oral Probiotics: Fighting Tooth Decay, Periodontal Disease and Airway Infections Using Nature's Friendly Bacteria - Hashimoto's and Gum Disease

How to make Vick's VapoRub at home with safer, all-natural ingredients.

Make your own natural homemade deodorant, rub-on or spray-on!

health benefits of lemon

How to Use Lemon as a Medicine

While filling your bath, drop 5-10 green tea bags while the water is running.This bath will detox your body, relax you, and give your skin a bountiful amount of minerals! -HAIR: apply green tea on your hair too because it soothes dandruff, reduces hair loss and increases hair growth -FACE: Soak a chamomile tea bag in water and apply to skin for one minute. Repeat as often as needed.

Make Your Own Toothpaste......

Natural Remedy for a Cold and Flu – Use this natural remedy for a cold and for flu. Nature has a bounty of organic solutions, you just have to know where to look and how to put them together.

Sore throat cure!

Search Herbal

Understanding Your Blood Work: 4 Important Levels to Monitor for Health / All Body Ecology Articles

Coconut Oil

A Morning Warm-Up with Turmeric Tea, Fighting Cancer and Building Our Brains at the Same Time

Exercise for the Transversus Abdominis (AKA the muscle that pulls in the ring of your waist). One area of your abs you may be neglecting is the transversus abdominus - without working it, you run the risk of developing a square torso (straight up and down) rather than an hourglass one (tapered at the waist). Here’s what you can do along with your usual ab workout: 1. Get on all fours, back straight, looking down. 2. Exhale completely, then hold your breath. 3. Pull your belly toward your spine (“suck in”) as hard as possible for 10 seconds, while continuing to hold your breath. 4. Inhale. Take a few breaths, then repeat 10 times. Later, you’ll probably feel as though you’d been laughing at something REALLY funny. That’s because you worked those same muscles.

Essential Oils

Make Your Own Sore Throat Spray (used doterra oils so i substituted onguard for thieves)

12 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of #Honey #Infographic

The Ultimate Strep Throat Remedy (If You're Brave Enough...)

Natural flu "shot"