Camp Half Blood

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Poor Leo...

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tamaytka: I just realised how long and lame this is hah.. I am so sorry for this, why I shouldn’t plan for this sort of stuff at 3am.

This is my favorite, a) because of the bricks and b) because Piper yells "hey loser" and Percy automatically knows she is talking to him c) because Pipers eyes change color throughout the comic


this makes me angry because this not how percy is he's the hero of olympus for heavens sake


"I battled the worst demons in Tartarus with a blue ballpoint pen. What was that 'great' achievement you've done? Fought a Fury with a shield and spear?

Solangelo is such a hilarious and adorable ship! - Solace, I think you broke my fucking nose! xD kids dancing in modern age

Hazel Levesque

Yup, Hazel is still the sweetheart of the seven. xD But she is still the sweetest person, because she stays nice and friendly, no matter what.

Reyna / Heroes of Olympus / art by Juliajm15

Reyna / Heroes of Olympus / art by to Viria's this is my favourite version of Reyna - beautiful!

This is why I love Uncle Rick.

Didn't Artemis just do that expuse they had seen her bathing and she didn't want to kill the kid<— no that was something else. She turned him into a deer and his own hunting dogs killed him. Don’t mess with Artemis.


Me: I've got a plan, bring a shovel! Best Friend: so long as it doesn't involve killing people.