"The Ice Is Getting Thinner," Death Cab For Cutie lyrics

death cab for cutie "We're not the same dear as we used to be The seasons have changed and so have we.

The Boys of Summer ~ Don Henley - Flat out one of my favorite songs, ever. No matter where I am, what my mood, or what the weather is like when this song comes on, instantly it's summer & I'm cruising in a convertible on a beautiful summer day with sunburnt nose & cheeks and sea-snarled hair. <3 <3 <3

One of my favorite songs ever.Don Henley 'Boys Of Summer'// I don't know this song but I luv these lyrics

"Someday You Will Be Loved," Death Cab for Cutie lyrics

I once knew a girl in the years of my youth, with eyes like the summer, all beauty and truth. In the morning I fled, left a note and it read: Someday you will be loved.

Mumford and Sons!! :)

Tattoo I want. Image detail for -As Mumford And Sons Lyrics To Live By Love Life

Eagles song lyrics, music, quotes

Eagles - Lyin' Eyes - 1975 Album = One of These Nights Song Lyrics

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Death Cab For Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart - 'How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me. It's like a book elegantly bound, but in a language that you can't read, just yet.