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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

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Katniss reading Harry Potter

awwwwwwww lol



too presh.

To Finnick....

woah! LOVE this one.


tear :'(

omg..these letters are making me cry



Made me year up :'( "Dear Katniss, Please try not to cry at night, try not to think of my death, but think of the short times we spent together. Think about the time I asked you about Peeta. You went silent, but I knew secretly you loved him then. Try not to blame Gale for Prim’s death, she’s safe here, with me. We are both proud of our mockingjay. Your little bird and duck, Rue and Prim"

the ones where katniss apologizes to peeta always get to me :(

[[Dear Boggs, Thanks for being there for me. I saw my father in you, and you helped me stay strong to fight the Capitol. I miss having you here by my side. I hope you’re fine, wherever you are. Love,Katniss]]

Letters From Tributes

dear haymitch from maysilee

[[Dear Peeta, It is in my contract to not pick favorites. But I did. You were always my favorite tribute during interviews. You’re such a charming young man and I adore every bit of you. I even think you’re better than Finnick.Best wishes, Caesar Flickerman]]

[[Dear Katniss, Sorry about keeping secrets from you, sweetheart. You’re just too innocent to be able to hide some things that need to be hidden. All I ever wanted to do was keep you safe. I am incredibly glad it worked. Love (with a bit of annoyance), Haymitch]]

[[Dear Katniss, I can see the pain in your eyes when I can’t rember the little things, and at times even the big ones. But one thing the Capitol can never make me forget… is that I love you. Always.Love,Peeta]]

Haha...oh Effie

Finnicks note to Mags