Cupcake Wedding Cakes

LOVE the cake top! Like the mix of cake and cupcakes. Cupcakes + cake on top = Inexpensive wedding cake! Get the best of both worlds. Have a wedding cake to cut for photos and reduce your costs by having cupcakes for guests!

Classic Spring Wedding

Bride & groom asked guests to circle words in a dictionary that would remind them of their wedding this idea. Maybe I could change the dictionary to the bible and have guest circle their favorite verses for Josh and I.


Brenham Wedding at Giddings Stone Mansion by Alyse French Photography

DIY Framed blackboard wedding program - instead of paper programs which are often thrown away. Made with an old mirror and chalkboard paint

Instantly capture all your guests' photos in one place! Have your guests download this app & you automatically get all the photos in an album! AND its FREE!

instantly capture all your guests' photos in one place! brilliant idea for any event.

isle decoration

Price for 10 chair-back bands. Only for the bands, no chair covers or chairs. These lycra bands measure approximately by which fit most chairs. They can be used with or without a chair cover.There are so many beautiful colors that you.

Ribbon streamers with bells for leaving the ceremony. Creative...

Make these streamers with ribbons in your wedding colors for guests to wave as bride and groom leave; cute idea, instead of the bubbles, bird seed or rice

Maid of Honor @ Emily Ross Love you wenis. we've been through a lot together, I'm lucky to have you in my life. Cant wait for you to be my maid of honor.

wedding centerpieces - diy wedding centerpieces (4)

Tall clear vase filled with water and pretty flowers and floating candle. Super easy inexpensive wedding reception centerpieces or change it up for your home for a holiday party.a red candle and holly branches for Christmas.

Are you interested in our life is not measured quote wall sticker? With our Life Is Not Measured Wall Sticker Quote you need look no further.

Wonderful ideas for decorating your wedding

Vase filler for floating candle centerpieces? : wedding candles centerpieces floating candles vase filler Ideas For Cheap Wedding Autumn Candle Centerpiece

Valentine Gift for Hubby - "You're My Favorite Fish in the Sea" using Swedish Fish, Nerds, and a Fish Bowl

Hid fishing license in it. wanted to get a figurine fishing and hook it to that, but didn't find one in time! Valentine Gift for Hubby - "You're My Favorite Fish in the Sea" using Swedish Fish, Nerds, and a Fish Bowl

COOL WEDDING IDEA~ Hang pictures with ribbon on the pews of the Bride & Groom growing up. The bride on the bride side and groom on the grooms side. Starting as babies in the back and growing up towards the altar.