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Tipsy Glasses Are As Drunk As You Are - OhGizmo!

Tea Stick for tea/gadget lovers -

A toaster that operates like a printer: First, you stack your bread on an outside-accessible tray, from which each piece is then gravity-fed into the main device. In turn, the slices slide out onto a waiting tray. Two buttons: one to choose how dark you want your bread toasted and one to start the toasting process. Award-winning design by Othmar Muhlebach. #3D #Toaster #Toast #Technology


Toast Printer Combines the Best Parts of Desktop Devices

from Ubergizmo

Wall-mounted barbecue


Wall-mounted barbecue

WANT: Interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp - OhGizmo!


Seriously, Wow

Click on this gif and then blink fast. Unless you're epileptic. If you're epileptic maybe go eat a pancake. You deserve a pancake.

Seriously, Wow - The Meta Picture

hello ชิวาว่า 2016

19 Basic Life Skills They Should Teach In School