Feather Criss Cross Back Mailot

line colour and pattern Feather Criss Cross illustration, Back Mailot, in blue, green, black and white.

.. vintage wallpaper ..

More vintage wallpaper designs that need to be made into fabric prints for head scarves with the quickness-TMC~~ vintage wallpaper

Peacock Feather Wallpaper

Peacock Gold and Jade Wallpaper from Osborne and Little Eden Collection. A signature wallpaper design by Matthew Williamson featuring peacock feathers in metallic and antique gold with tiny reflective beads on a jade background.

vintage lion print

Love anything Lion! "Lions and Tigers" print by the inimitable author and illustrator of children's books, Ed Emberley ("Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals",

by Stephanie Kubo (via me design mag http://www.medesignmag.com/graphics/2148/obsession-line/gallery/8216/#gallery)

Amazing, repetitive line drawings from Stephanie Kubo create cartoon wave, growing forms, etc.

bird scallop printed rug

bird scallop printed rug like the way birds are positioned and joined up to create another layer of pattern

Painted and stenciled cotton panel - Deccan - late 18th C. India, Calico Museum of Textiles, India

Pichhavai (detail) Sharad Utsava, cotton, Painted and stencilled. Poster size: Calico Museum of Textiles.