I want to learn to play the violin. So bad that if I could trade all of the other instruments I know how to play to know only how to play the violin, I would.

Black Tux

What do you think of an all black tux for the groom? Groomsmen will wear all black with ivory tie and ivory vest. Our colors are navy blue, ivory, and pink.

"Back To Black"    Amy Winehouse

Here is the official Amy Winehouse Music Video for Back To Black, the title track off Amy’s second Album (Back To Black). You can find the Song Lyrics to Back To Black by clicking the link. Music video by Amy … Continue →


Quoting from the previous pinned "I have a strange love for black lipstick. I'm not goth, emo, or punk, I just find it sexy." I conquer, perhaps black is the new red: for lips.


Nina de Voe in Nina de Voe in Balenciaga,Tiered Lace Gown with Sash Vogue, October 1951 Photo Henry Clarke Condé Nast Archive