Those giant marshmallow eggs.

Henry Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida

Florida Road Map original oil painting - mermaid

This is just like the phone we had in the 1960's, in avocado green. It was the only phone in the house.

Greetings from Florida!

Styrofoam Blocks

Vintage Easter baskets

Alice and Jerry

Tangee was the first lipstick we were allowed to wear...it looked orange...but went on pale pink. Still available thru a Vermont Country Store catalog.

Hawaii Five-O - that's the original version from the 60s and 70s with Jack Lord, not to be confused with the rubbish remake (why have they even bothered! :() Jack Lord was inimitable and the theme music and opening titles are classic and unforgettable. Sigh.

Handful of sunshine.

Rummaging around in Mom's or Grandma's jewelry box

milk glass

Vintage Hull Pottery Woodland Green and Pink by MysticSpiritShoppe,

Catching tadpoles in the neighborhood creek

"rain lamps". mom had one

birthday candles

Built-In Ovens and Ranges - Sears,1963

Vintage Sunbeam Electric Fry Pan Skillet -


''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.''

Sloppy Joe... Slop, Sloppy Joe,