Deborah Harkness / All Souls trilogy Author Suggestions

Reading suggestions for those who liked Deborah Harkness's All Souls trilogy (Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, Book of Life).
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A music student working in Prague cataloging Beethoven's manuscripts discovers clues that her deceased mentor may not have committed suicide and becomes involved with a time-travel drug, a 400-year-old dwarf, a handsome Prince and a powerful U.S. senator.

City of Dark Magic, Magnus Flyte - mystery, murder, music and alchemy in Prague

Investigating the murder of a prostitute in 1892 Portland, Maine, Deputy Marshal Archie Lean discovers that the victim was ritually executed as a witch, and enlists the help of a criminologist with whom he follows a trail to the spiritual societies of gothic New England.

The Truth of All Things (Book) : Shields, Kieran : Investigating the murder of…

When twenty-something Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson attracts the notice of the legendary Julian Laurence at a business meeting, no one's more surprised than she is. Why would this handsome British billionaire pursue a pretty but bookish young banker? The answer is beyond imagining . . . at least at first. Kate and Julian's story may have begun not in the moneyed world of twenty-first-century Manhattan but in France during World War I.

Details Title: Overseas Author: Beatriz Williams Publisher: Putnam, Adult Release Date: May 2012 Available to or.

Reclusive author Vida Winter, famous for her collection of twelve enchanting stories, has spent the past six decades penning a series of alternate lives for herself. Now old and ailing, she is ready to reveal the truth about her extraordinary existence and the violent and tragic past she has kept secret for so long.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Why does reclusive author Vida Winter choose Margaret Lea to write her memoir and throw wide the door to the past? Recommended by MAR.

In the spring of 1628, the Witchfinder of Wessex finds himself a true Witch. As Bess Hawksmith watches her mother swing from the Hanging Tree she knows that only one man can save her from the same fate at the hands of the panicked mob: the Warlock Gideon Masters, and his Book of Shadows. Part historical romance, part modern fantasy, The Witch's Daughter is a fresh, compelling take on the magical, yet dangerous world of Witches.

My name is Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, and my age is three hundred and eighty-four years. If you will listen, I will tell you a tale of witches. The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston.

Salem, Massachusetts, 1681. Fear and suspicion lead a small town to unspeakable acts. Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1991. A young woman is about to discover that she is tied to Salem in ways she never imagined.

Salem, Massachusetts, Fear and suspicion lead a small town to unspeakable acts. Marblehead, Massachusetts, A young woman is about to discover that she is tied to Salem in ways she never imagined.

As a senior in high school Quentin Coldwater became preoccupied with a series of fantasy novels he read as a child, set in a magical land called Fillory. After graduating from college and being admitted into a highly exclusive, secret society of magic in upstate New York, he makes a stunning discovery: Fillory is real.

The Magicians: A Novel: Lev Grossman - Not bad. Some the characters (and happenings) were a little forced, but I loved quite a bit of the world and things.

An imaginative story of a woman caught in an alternate world, where she will need to learn the skills of magic to survive.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker: excellent read - wonderfully magical tale.

Iona Sheehan moves to Ireland where her ancestors' blood and magic have flowed through generations-and where her destiny awaits.

Large Print: Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: County Mao, Ireland.

The magical legend of King Arthur, retold through the eyes and lives of the women who wielded power from behind the throne.

The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley. The King Arthur legend told through the voices of the women in the story. Very strong feminine archetypes.

Myfanwy Thomas awakes in a London park surrounded by dead bodies. With her memory gone, her only hope of survival is to trust the instructions left in her pocket by her former self.

"The body you are wearing used to be mine." So begins the letter Myfanwy Thomas is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by.

Complications ensue when historians for Oxford 2060 travel back to the time of World War II.

Blackout - Connie Willis - awesome part one time traveling during the blitz

Three generations of women with unusual gifts confronts a haunting past—and a very current murder—against the evocative backdrop of small-town New England.

Struggling to cope with her unwanted ability to see the future, Stella must confront her legacy when her father is jailed, wrongly accused of homicide, and Stella joins forces with her grandmother and mother to uncover the truth.