Seriously? I don't understand how they make it without one. I can't imagine mine without her. She's sweet and always there for me. No matter what happens. We have our inside jokes and laugh at the randomest times ever. I'm extremely thankful for

I love my sister :)

Sisters are like FAT THIGHS ... They stick together wood sign

I prefer a dozen roses, I would rather stay in, waiting on me hand and foot is optional-- just remember what goes around comes around. I love movies and fancy restaurants. Be a man, hold my bags and my hand. Treat me right and I'll love you like no other.


be strong. and walk away. things will get better...


Luckily I wasn't mad enough to send you the text that night. I'm happy you've opened up to me and shown me a little about how you think and feel. I promise to try not to stress you again. :) know that I care for you a lot. And I love you a lot more.