Brittany Cryderman
Brittany Cryderman
Brittany Cryderman

Brittany Cryderman

Watercolor // tattoo // tats // dreamcatcher // hipster

Pequeño tatuaje en la muñeca que dice “love”(amor) en forma de corazón. the life you the life you love

The Platonic Solids Art Print by Michael Paukner

Pequeño tatuaje en el dedo anular izquierdo que dice “love”, “amor” en inglés.

old school dice stars | Den Tumi Gent - officiële site : foto's

muerte skull gun vintage flower rose dice web 8 ball tattoo design

Skull Dices StarsTattoo Design by 2Face-Tattoo.devi... on @deviantART

I've been chatting with Lady Luck lately.. so another pick for her glory, another pretty pic of her millions of faces ;)

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It's not who you are that hold you back, it's who you think you're not.

Dat je het even weet!

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