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Chindogu: Japan’s Art of Useless Inventions Useless Inventions, Japanese Inventions, Pop Stick, Japanese Art, Chopsticks, Clothespins, Ocd, Product Design, Noodles

Chindogu: Japan’s Art of Useless Inventions | Equilibrium Fans

We’re made to believe that every creation has a purpose. Nothing’s created just for the sole purpose of existing. The Japanese, however, believe otherwise. There are just some things that need to be invented even when people don’t really need it. Finding it difficult to spread butter on your morning toast? There’s an invention for that. Have a terrible cold and constantly need tissue to blow your nose? The Japanese have exactly what you need. A quick trip to a ... Read MoreChindōgu: The…

Planning a Wedding in the Social Media Age Internet Usage, Competitive Analysis, Teaching History, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Goals, Social Issues, Accounting, Encouragement

Using Video Marketing to Go Viral | Equilibrium Fans

These days, phrases like “breaks the internet” and “going viral” have become part of the global population’s lexicon. These phrases are so widely used that they have been the subject of multiple news articles, research papers, and think pieces. But, what exactly do they mean? More importantly, how do they fit in the content marketing landscape? In the digital age where smartphones and social media reign supreme, there is a constantly growing pool of content that gets uploaded and shared…

Aside from their aesthetic value, some people consider their pieces of jewelry as important heirlooms that can be handed from one generation to another. Make sure that your favorite pieces will look their best at all times by considering these points. Ruby Necklace, Drop Earrings, Street Portrait, Aesthetic Value, Model Face, Gold Plated Bracelets, New Fashion Trends, Freckles, Personalized Jewelry

How to Stand Out with Your Jewelry | Equilibrium Fans

Fashion has always been a means of expression — of character, personality, and of course, personal taste. It does not hurt that it can make you look better and further highlight the beautiful features that make you stand out. One crucial aspect of this is the jewelry you wear. While clothes, dresses, and shoes are definitely important, jewelry takes care of the areas that clothes cannot (such as the ears and hands) and even gives you the extra sparkle to ... Read MoreJewelry Pieces for…

5 Amazing Things To Know And Put On Your Printable Pregnancy Journal - Congratulations, you are pregnant! Pregnancy is probably and undeniably one of the most important m - Best Pregnancy Foods, Pregnancy Signs, Pregnancy Photos, Maternity Photos, Pregnancy Period, Natural Fertility, Pregnancy Journal, Nine Months, Getting Pregnant

Maternity Shoot: How to Take the Best Shots | Equilibrium Fans

Pregnancy is a miracle. It is the time of your life when you nurture a human being in your womb. Although there may be some difficulties as changes happen to your body, the feeling of joy, excitement, and anticipation still prevails. That mixture of emotions is better captured and documented through maternity photos. For well-documented and snappy shots, here are some tips for a maternity shoot that you may consider: 1. Location You can go anywhere—outdoor, indoor, urban, or rural, ... Read…

Social Media Competitive Analysis Template Luxury How to Write A Marketing and Sales Plan for Business Business Plan Example, Writing A Business Plan, Business Planning, Marketing Plan Template, Business Plan Template, Digital Marketing Services, Sales And Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Monitoring Tools

Niche Marketing: Effective Steps to Promoting Your Business | Equilibrium Fans

The foundation for establishing your brand is knowing and understanding your target market. As you build your business, you have to know the people you need to reach. It is only then that you will be able to customise your mission and message to resonate and meet their needs. The fundamental action is to be specific. Know the detailed behaviours and lifestyle of your consumers. You can choose to target the tech-savvy millennials, single moms who work at home, college students, ... Read…

Can computer-guided cognitive behavioral therapy improve depression treatment? Your Fired, Harvard Health, Create A Company, Online Security, Depression Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Primary Care, Business Advice, Business News

These Could Save Your Company from Trouble | Equilibrium Fans

When running a business, you sometimes have to do things that are beyond the realm of your industry. All of this has a point, of course, and in some cases, it is done to save a sinking ship. With the number of businesses going belly up in New Zealand all thanks to skyrocketing prices of commodities, you’ll want to do everything in your power to beat the statistics. Here are ways to turn abysmal sales into all-time high profit: Advertise ... Read MoreThese May Save Your Company from…

Happy millennials friends surfing online with mobile phones - Young people using smartphone outdoor - Youth lifestyle, generation z and technology trend concept - Focus on bottom hand cellphone , Marketing Budget, Marketing Goals, Social Media Marketing, Money Making Machine, Effective Marketing Strategies, Generation Z, Online Mobile, Brand Building

What Startup Owners Can Do to Promote Their Brand on a Budget | Equilibrium Fans

Do you own a startup? Then you are already familiar with the challenges that come with building brand identity. If you fail to promote your brand, you’ll find it harder to sell any of your offerings. Of course, this is the least of your worries if you choose to buy a franchise from an established business instead. However, building your own business has its perks. You can turn your idea into a money-making machine without anyone constraining your next move. ... Read MoreCost-effective Ways…

Looking for ways to make your jewelry pop in photos? Make sure to heed these tips to make your pieces be the star of the photos! Photo Retouching Services, Plains Background, Pretty Backgrounds, Photo Online, Things That Bounce, Things To Sell, Photo Look, Perfect Photo

4 Ways to Make Your Jewelry Pop in Photos | Equilibrium Fans

High-quality and authentic jewelry naturally shine on their own. However, no matter the shine and shimmer that it naturally possesses, these pieces can still look dull in photos. Below, we will give you a few tips on how you should handle your jewelry when trying to take photos of it. We will also discuss why it is important to get jewelry photo retouching services for these pieces to truly stand out. Use Natural Lighting Taking photos of your jewelry with ... Read MoreHacks: How to Make…

Building client trust and loyalty with engaging legal content Fill In Puzzles, Entertainment Websites, Difficult Puzzles, Trust And Loyalty, Feeling Defeated, Daily Papers, Crossword Puzzles, Pop Culture References, Puzzle Books

Tips for Improving Your Crossword Puzzle Playing | Equilibrium Fans

Some people think that playing crossword puzzles requires a high level of intellect and extensive vocabulary. But the truth is playing word fill-in puzzles is a learnable skill, and anyone can be good at it. All you need is a little bit of strategic thinking, some practice, and in time, you’ll be great at playing crossword puzzles. Play every day Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson first developed the idea that practicing a certain skill for 10,000 hours will make anyone an expert…

Creative team discussing new business project at a cafe by jacoblund. Portrait of young people sitting around a table in cafe with a laptop. Creative team discussing new business project . Technology Careers, Technology Photos, Career Test Free, Good Teamwork, Event Planning Business, Mobile Learning, Create Awareness, City Photography, Portrait Photography

Helpful Pointers for the New Event Coordinator

Event coordination is a business or career that tests your mettle. If you genuinely want to dive into it and prosper from it, then you have to toughen yourself. After all, it has great rewards for you if you stick with it. But how do you go from a newbie to a sought-out superstar event coordinator? If you want to go further in your chosen path, then it will pay to follow these pieces of advice throughout your career: Remember ... Read MoreEvent Planning: Pointers for Newbies The post Event…

Performing arts won’t only improve your stage presence and performance, but also change your life for the better. Quick Thinking, Important Life Lessons, You Are The World, Talent Show, In Case Of Emergency, Performing Arts, To Focus, Something To Do, Real Life

5 Essential Life Lessons We Can Learn from Performing Arts | Equilibrium Fans

Taking up a career in performing arts is a great choice. If you have the passion for performing in performing arts venues in MN, then perhaps it is your time to let your talent shown in front of hundreds or even thousands of audiences. This may be the big break you are waiting for all this time. Performing arts won’t only help enhance your stage presence and performance level. In fact, you can apply the lessons you have learned in performing ... Read MoreImportant Life Lessons Performing…

Roofer builder worker installing roof insulation material on new house under construction Insulation Materials, Roof Insulation, Cork Panels, Soundproofing Material, House Under Construction, Noise Pollution, Sound Absorbing, Noise Levels, Protecting Your Home

Cork as an Available and Sustainable Soundproofing Material | Equilibrium Fans

Noise is a health hazard, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Mental and physical health are in jeopardy with constant exposure to noise pollution. Reducing noise from the environment should be a priority for your household if you live in an environment that offers little respite from all the racket. Are you ready to invest in acoustic ceiling and wall products to reduce the noise level coming from your surroundings? There are alternatives to the typical synthetic materials your…

9 Easy Steps to Feng Shui Your Living Room - Modern Cozy Living Rooms, Living Room Grey, Living Room Modern, Living Room Interior, Living Room Furniture, Furniture Redo, Wooden Furniture, Antique Furniture, Feng Shui Na Sala

Top Ways to Effectively Incorporate Gold Into Your Interior Design | Equilibrium Fans

Gold has always captivated people’s imagination. History has shown how the Romans, Egyptians, and most prominent personalities of the earliest time have draped themselves in gold as a symbol of status, wealth, and power. It has been considered a precious material that people have admired for its glamour and luxury, often leading to a number of past wars and conquests. Today, we’ll be looking at how gold has conquered the world of interior design in Phoenix and other locations, from…

Man Watching Sports On Live Streaming Online Service Stock Image - Image of broadband, playoffs: 110532725 Fiber Internet, Hbo Go, Marketing Words, Sports Website, Play N Go, Streaming Sites, Sporting Live, Fibre, Classic Tv

More Americans Now Prefer Online Streaming Over Traditional TV | Equilibrium Fans

The growing number of online streaming services and apps have shifted the way audiences consumer visual entertainment. Find out how they can make a big impact on your brand marketing efforts.

You don’t have to be an overly intelligent expert to appreciate antiques and old things. There are some things that you can do to make it easy. Antique Furniture Stores, Old World Charm, Fireplace Mantels, Appreciation, Dining Chairs, Finding Yourself, Old Things, Design Tutorials, Antiques

A Newfound Appreciation for Antiques and Old World Charm | Equilibrium Fans

When you go to museums and art fairs, you may notice people gazing intently at the precious items. You may find yourself asking what these people notice in these old things. One answer: beauty. You do not have to be an overly intelligent curator to appreciate antiques. You just have to look for beauty. And beauty is subjective, meaning you can find beauty in one thing from another perspective—or you may not find it attractive at all. However, spotting antiques ... Read MoreGaining…

Have you ever wondered how people do it? Building a successful side business? Here are 3 simple steps to get your side business ideas on the track to success! Coffee Shop Business Plan, Start Up Business, Business Ideas, Cake Business, Make Money From Home, How To Make Money, What To Sell Online, Ice Cream Business, Opening A Coffee Shop

Battle of the Photos Backdrop: Go White or Go Beyond White? | Equilibrium Fans

There’s an unspoken, yet important rule in creating e-commerce sites: You shall never have bad photos. You cannot afford to have low-quality images. Otherwise, you’ll have people clicking out of your site faster than the page loaded. What you want are photos that lure people in and trigger the add-to-cart action. In this matter, you cannot just focus on the product alone. Yes, you do want your designer bag photos to reflect the elegant details of the hardware and stitches, but ... Read…