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Talon Abraxas 1980 - British Surrealist painter

"As in the unfolding of any sacred mystery, there is no telling what may happen next but there is faith that whatever it is it will unfold with authenticity and integrity, and whatever happens will deepen the journey.

celebrities as russian generals

Not a movie - but so what?History starts always with Robert Downey JR, Alan Rickman and Bill Murray. Ok for Dumbledore (or should I say Magneto) and Jean Luc. But why Frodo?

(16) Twitter

(16) Twitter

Jack Skellington by The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas NBCH Jack Skellington Short Pyjama male black all

Tim Burton Quotes

Tim Burton quotes and sayings page 2 year old director).

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Tim Burton and this quote are very inspiring to me. I admire Tim Burton for his alternative style to making films. Burton and this quote inspire me to make things that I want to make, not to just make what everyone else wants.