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Free Star Wars Printable Valentines

I will write a card to give you in the morning, and it will have a detailed account of the romantic date that I will take you on the day we get back. there will be a coupon to cash in :)

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light saber valentines: "While perusing the candy options at our local party store, we came up with this more 'manly', Star Wars option. Slits are cut into the card with an X-acto knife and pixy stix inserted to make light sabers (and secured with a little piece of tape on the back)." - 'Pixy stix' look like Australian 'sherbet straws' (the mini ones). Sweet (ha!) idea.

Valentine's Day card to make with your kids

41 DIY Valentine's Day Cards Perfect For the Classroom Party: Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, but before heading to the store, consider simply firing up your printer!

13 DIY Valentines

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