How to Make a Good Impression on Your First Date

Chatting with a stranger can be uncomfortable in any situation. During a first date, when there’s the potential for romance, making conversation can be especially awkward. This video suggests what to talk about on a first date, according to research.

The Love Cycle

blood flow through the heart as the cycle of a relationship; whatever it takes to remember!

cook together

Young couple in their kitchen enjoying a class of wine

spend a fun day in the park

abstract Save the Date postcard

#candle light  #dinner

Quiet dinner for two at a place where you don't have to wait all night to be seated.

watch the #moon rise

watch the rise

trail of #roses

Girl smelling a romantic rose on her date

hot air balloon ride

Fun Hot Air Balloon Ride & other Romantic Date Ideas

#dance under the #stars

Dance Under the Stars - Romantic Date Ideas Pinned

a day at the SPA

a day at the SPA

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