I will never not repin

Well someone doesn't like being called Asian.--HAHA YOURE TELLING ME<<< This. is hilarious. I need this shirt bc I get called Asian all the time.

If they were my teachers, I will never leave my classroom and I'll always visit the faculty room to do some random s*** like cleaning their floor or something, just to see them xD

The only thing is Luke would definitely be the math teacher because Liz Hemmings and Calum would obviously be the pe teacher because he was almost a professional soccer player too. But seriously I would never leave school

Pinning this again

Call them what ever you want to but to us they are angels without wings


You know who you are *Cough* Michael Clifford *Cough*<<<< he and I could be twins I swear. Im 18 I love MLP and I like pikachu. Not really Pokemon but ya know. Other anime. Or purple.

Mikey you kitten YOU ARE EMBRACED

Awww I want to hug mikey<< I'm most likely going to yell, "EMBRACE ME. Than I'm probably going to give him a sticker

This is what God wanted<<< THAT'S DEFINITELY WHAT GOD WANTED

How do you know it was never Luke in Michaels shirt<<it's actually not Luke's shirt.his has stars on the sleeves

lol... 5sos don't even know their own lyrics >.<  WIN Handwritten Lyrics from 5 Seconds of Summer! | MetroLyrics

Me thinking of one sad thing usually leads to my mind thinking of everything else that could possibly be wrong. Oh well. That's me I guess lol