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Shaun T: Focus T25 & Insanity

Shaun T is the creator of the brand-new Focus T25, INSANITY, INSANITY: THE ASYLUM and Hip Hop Abs. These fitness programs feature extreme cross-training methods used by elite athletes. So forget the excuses. And forget the gym. Get a body that's lean, ripped, and built to perform. Follow this board to find out what else he's got coming up!

Shaun T: Focus T25 & Insanity

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Shaun wears these shorts cause he wants to look GOOD! Want to #DIGDEEP in some cool Insanity Apparel? Now's your chance!

  • Marietta Barnett
    Marietta Barnett

    Hey, I'm just wondering, but does his stuff actually work??

Motivation from Shaun T himself. #Insanity #T25 #Beachbody

The body you want > the junk food you crave. #motivation #T25 #ShaunT #Beachbody

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Woo hoo! Go Tammie! This stay at home mom with 3 kids used Focus T25 to lose incredible 37 pounds! #beforeandafter #weightloss #Beachbody

  • Corine Sanchez Houser
    Corine Sanchez Houser

    Amazing great job girl

  • Kimberly Claxton
    Kimberly Claxton

    Absolutely amazing! Good job mama!

Shaun T Answers: Can You Skip Recovery Week? #ShaunT #Asylum #INSANITY #Exercise #FocusT25 #T25

Live Chat with Shaun T

Even when you don't feel like working out, #FocusT25 is only 25 minutes. So try and #PushPlay anyway! :) Let's #GetItDone!

  • One Step To Weight
    One Step To Weight

    Focus T25 review. Find out if Focus T25 is really for you. 25 minutes a day just sounds too good to be true: http://www.onesteptoweightl...

You DESERVE to feel good! Don't give up just because today was harder than yesterday! #PushPlay and keep going! #FocusT25

  • Penny Iannacone
    Penny Iannacone

    I love this workout program!! Shaun T is so motivating! The hardest part is just to push play. Once you get started, you just can't quit! Want to know more? Contact me at or visit my Facebook page at Penny Iannacone

Don't be afraid of the resistance work in #FocusT25 ladies! You won't get bulky! You'll burn MORE calories than with cardio alone! So pick up those resistance bands or weights and let's #GetItDone!

Wanna feel HAPPIER? Just #PushPlay with #FocusT25! In 25 minutes, I promise you'll feel BETTER!

  • Patrice Murray
    Patrice Murray

    I purchased T-25 at the beginning of the year. Work was great but it wasn't enough cardio for me, didn't really lose any weight. I have thyroid issues, any upgraded suggestions?

  • One Step To Weight
    One Step To Weight

    Hi Patrice, I feel the same way about Focus T25. Yes, it's a great cardio workout for beginners but it can be better. If you want a short workout like Focus T25 but more challenging, check out P90X3. However, P90X3 is not for beginners. Since you got through Focus T25, I think Insanity would be your next best option. Now that will be a tough cardio workout and can be tough on your knees. Feel free to message me or learn more here: http://www.onesteptoweightl... Hope this helps.

Your #FOCUS starts now! (And only lasts 25 minutes!) :) #FocusT25 #GetItDone #PushPlay

Hehe, who has this problem with their miniMat? Drenched in sweat, especially during Beta and Gamma! #PushPlay #GetItDone

MORE #FocusT25 and you will feel SATISFIED! Plus, sweat is good for you! #PushPlay #GetItDone

You WILL reach your workout goals! Commit to #FocusT25 for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 10 weeks and you will reach your goal! #PushPlay #GetItDone

Small changes will result in BIG changes as you go along in your #FocusT25 workout! Focus on today and in 10 weeks, all those days of effort and work will add up! #PushPlay #GetItDone

TGIF - Thank God I'm Fit! Thanks #FocusT25!

We're getting FIT! And now the TSA is a problem! ;) #FocusT25 #GetItDone #PushPlay

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Motivate your mind, and set your body free! And most importantly, #FOCUS! #FocusT25 #PushPlay #GetItDone

Everybody has time for #FocusT25! It's only 25 minutes! #PushPlay

Thanks to the modifier in #FocusT25, Josh was able to start losing weight and transforming his body immediately! You can too! These results were in just 10 weeks and 25 minutes a day!

Check out Lee's transformation in just 10 weeks and 25 minutes a day with #FocusT25! Amazing!

Helen wanted to tighten up all over. After 10 weeks of #FocusT25, her transformation is awesome!

More info on Focus T25 #Gamma! www.teambeachbody...