Beacon specializes in e-commerce website development, web design, CMS (Cascade Server), custom software development, hosting, SEO and Analytics.

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Client’s tracking script adhered to Google’s best practices and works at the optimum load time and accuracy levels available through GA. The new tracking code led to faster load times and better accuracy for their Google Analytics data.

30% of the internet is duplicate content and some of that is from webmasters plagiarizing content without consent. Learn how to identify stolen content and take action today.

Is your site designed with searchers in mind? Here at Beacon we conduct brainstorming sessions to identify areas of your site where usability improvements might make it easier for visitors to perform actions that lead to conversions.

Our PPC assessment covers many critical areas in one report to reveal what you are doing well and what needs attention with your paid search marketing strategy.

Don’t get caught up in this group utilize Google Analytics and track what digital tactics impact your revenue. In addition to performing ongoing and focused “deep-dive” analyses, our clients count on us for Google Analytics support - whether it be setup, configuration, reporting, segmentation, tracking or educating your internal staff.

Have you noticed bloated traffic within Google Analytics but no increase in revenue? Well let’s take some time and discuss how to find this traffic and segment it out.

Make no mistake about it. Search engine optimization (SEO) requires real experience and deep knowledge of best practices to be effective. A solid SEO strategy and SEO management plan will produce valuable results.

This tbt is dedicated to Jacksonville State University. This full responsive redesign involved integrating the designs into Cascade Server CMS. Several templates were designed to provide the client with a library of graphical assets to leverage within their CMS.

Our developers create and deploy the new features to your website through a custom approach or using specialized conversion optimization testing software. Each experiment undergoes extensive quality testing before being implemented into your live site.

We know pagination is a tricky subject to tackle so how do you handle it? Well fortunately, we have built just the FREE tool to help.