Strawberry Mojitos

strawberry mojitos fresh strawberries Small handful of fresh mint leaves 3 oz simple syrup (even amounts of sugar and water, heated until the sugar melts, and cooled to room temperature) 2 oz rum 1 tsp fresh lime juice Club soda Lime slices

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A lost soul, is not a sad sight. A lost soul has just taken the plunge to finding its truest self.

Ha ha ha ha CUTE

Like this cute idea - Gnome doors, Fairy Doors, Faerie Doors, Elf Doors, 9 inch.


DIY Jewelry Hanger Idea ~ Paint a vintage frame, attach branches with screw hooks and hand your necklaces for a unique and pretty collection hanger.

Steel pipe garden edging

Steel pipe garden edging filled with succulents. I want to do this painted PVC pipe (without the plants inside)

copper strips wound into tubes and then enameled could use paper beads with this design

I created this by cutting out copper strips and bending them into these tube shapes then enameling them - Pendente con sezioni di tubo di rame smaltate

radiator grates (from Home Depot) as a surprisingly pretty way to organize jewelry

DIY easy project: Earring holder made from a decorative radiator grate, they come in a variety of designs (try Home Depot), cut to fit into your choice of frame, taped to the back of the frame mat, use the prongs on frame to hold in place.

Wall Trellis

The INA WALL TRELLIS JR from Terra Trellis. A colorful modern trellis, perfect for vertical gardens, wall gardens, and small yards. Available in 6 powdercoat colors and a natural oxidized metal finish.

Snowflake Star Style Silver Earrings for Holidays

snowflake charms, star charms, silver earring findings combine to create these Holiday Earrings. for supplies and instructions to make your own!

glass bottle window garden

Can you really cut glass using this method? A no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden - self-watering. You had me at "self-watering!