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Turn an old garden hose into a cool outdoor floor mat.

Upcycled garden hose door mat by Mark Kintzel (Dishfunctional Designs). This is so cool for all those bursted or leaky garden hoses .

When to fly/buy

Buying airline tickets-Goal number 3 is to save money so we can easily travel and see the world when we want to.

how to create raised lettering

Tutorial for Lettering. Place wax paper over printed words. Cover the wax paper with a thin layer of dish detergent mixed with a tiny bit of water. Trace the letters with glue gun. After the glue dries, carefully pull letters off of the paper


For yarn I saw this trick in an issue of Real Simple magazine and couldnt wait to test it out. Stringing yarn through a kitchen colander prevents it from getting tangled while youre knitting. Brilliant, no? - Decor It Darling

Who stays

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life. Oh man. This speaks to me

Hungry Chipmunk; Gebhard Woods State Park, Morris, IL from @Evelyn Spencer Wildlife Federation

Chipmunk trying to hid fact it has two huge nuts in its cheeks, with caption of the look: When you've started eating and someone says Let's say grace, and starts praying.