milky way

One of the more beautiful Milky Way photos I’ve seen. This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.

Maybe someday

Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway - amazing places to experience from around the globe. Let us know where you would like to travel?

Laminin - the glycoprotein that holds together every cell in your body. Notice anything about its shape? Watch this video to find out more (I saw this presentation from Louie Giglio at a Chris Tomlin concert - blew my mind!) #science #God #cross

Laminin molecule is the protein that holds human beings together. Laminin - the glycoprotein that holds together every cell in your body.Louie Giglio has an amazing video about laminin. It has nothing to do with your imaginary god.

This is not something I ever thought about.  I may not sleep tonight

Child's Skull Before Losing Baby Teeth

A child’s skull before losing baby teeth - WTF fun facts>>>>> that is so disgusting. that's what my skull looks like with baby teeth. ew>>that's not a child that's a demon

Talk about foresight!

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Totally stunning image

Volcano Lightning, Iceland Photograph by Sigurdur H. Stefnisson, National Geographic Lightning cracks during an eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano in

So much respect! A "temporary" work= true love for the craft...

sidewalk chalk drawings are amazing. I went one time and it was so unbelievably cool to see what people can do!

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana Mount Roraima is a pretty remarkable place. It is a tabletop mountain with sheer high cliffs on all sides. There is only one ‘easy’ way up, on a natural staircase-like ramp on the Venezuelan side

There are some cool places out there

BALI’S TANAH LOT SEA TEMPLE Photograph by Fabio Gismondi Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally “Tanah Lot temple”), and a popular tourist and cultural icon.

Unbelievable Night Sky Photo Looks Like An American Flag

Unbelievable Night Sky Photo Looks Like An American Flag

drink a megajug for diabetes!

Purchasing this "Mega Jug" of sugar water just might help discover the cause/cure for diabetes.


And I thought the Toronto CN Tower stair climb was hard! Check out the intimidating stairs of Mount Hua in the Shaanxi Province, China.

Not going to sleep a wink tonight.

Giant golden-crowned flying fox bat - Picture of a giant bat caught in Philippines so f'n scary


LED Surfboards Light Up The Ocean.

Pukas, who has the biggest surfboard factory in Europe, designed some special awesome colored LED surfboards. They sent the glowing boards off to some surfers to try them out.