we had these....I can't find ANYthing like them...

Tupperware Popsicle Makers I always had apple juice Popsicles for the boys. Had to make sure you got the sticks back.


I orderd this book in the mail from the Weekly Reader book club. I remember reading it in my tree house. :) Another absolute favorite! This book was falling apart I had read it so many times!


Vintage Fisher-Price Little People, of course. There's something about these iconic little figures that puts a smile on my face every time I see them. Fisher-Price manufactured Little People in this form from the through the Loved!


When I was in the fifth grade in Montgomery, Alabama, friendship pins were all the rage. I remember sitting for hours putting little beads on safety pins and then attaching them onto my shoelaces and such.

Creative Itch: Stake Girls Camp 2013

If you want to give light to other, you have to glow yourself - Thomas S. Monson - Creative Itch: Stake Girls Camp 2013 maybe with flashlights

i so did this

I did this all the time (ALL. THE.) in the doorway to the hallway. Mom hollered at me and Dad thought it was awesome!

parties at skateland

Roller rink on a friday night! Ha ha this was the best time of my childhood!

Anyone else remember these? Pappagallo purses from the 80s.

Plaid Bermuda bag aka Pappagallo Purse (Photo credit: Mable Studios) ~}{~ I had a faux Pappagallo purse, I wanted a real one soooo badly, but my mom wouldn't give in.

loved this show

We're Kids Incorporated. K I D S, whoooa, looks like we've made it. It's Kids Incorporated! (Hey, It's Fergie!

quiero mi glo worm ahora!

old school glow worm. I still have my daughter's glow worm from

small wonder

I loved this show! 'Small Wonder' & VICKI the Robot! Not to mention, they had my last name :-)

HR PUFF-N-STUFF (Freddy the Flute) - I loved that show (thereplicapropforum.com)

Freddy the Flute - HR Pufnstuf. My favorite Saturday Morning tv show.