No matter how long it's been there are still times when I think of you and suddenly it gets harder to breathe. Then the tears start flowing and I scream out , why Audrey why , God I miss you so much , what happened to my loving caring wife !

Rest in peace Grandpa. I wish I could've made it to your funeral today, but as you would say school is the most important thing. love you grandpa. you'll be in my heart forever

Miss you...

If I listen closely.I can hear the rustle of ANGEL wings.and I know your still with us.Miss you Daddy!

worst day of my life

Being told their was no heartbeat and no more baby. That I needed to be on meds that cause contractions to push everything out. I will never forget being told your having a miscarriage. There is no baby.

I can still hear your voice

i still repeat the things you said to me in my head. Most importantly what you didn't say but I needed to hear.

Thinking of you

If a star fell each time I thought of you, the sky would be EMPTY

Hard to believe

Sometimes I still just cant believe your gone quotes quote miss you death loss sad quotes heaven in memory.MOST OF THE TIME

The day my Angel got her wings.My Angel. my heart if full of memories.with pride I speak your name. Though life goes on without you. It will NEVER be the same Viola you Grams and miss you terribly.

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