Race to Fill the Cup!  I'm going to try this with two and adding the numbers.

Race to Fill the Cup! Counting Game for Preschoolers

Number games are a fun way to help kindergarteners practice counting and reinforce numeral and quantity learning.

Kindergarten Number Game

Great visual for monitoring weather patterns. You could designate a student to be the class "meteorologist" for classroom jobs. You could also keep a bar graph of the weather to teach data keeping/ interpreting.

How adorable is this weather chart! Great to use for circle time/morning meeting when talking about the weather. Too cute and it's a FREEBIE!

Counting and Addition Activity Tray Math Game

Counting and Addition Activity Tray

Counting & Addition Activity Tray - open-ended maths activity using counting manipulatives, play dough & a dice, in a dip tray. Opportunities to practice counting, correspondence, matching amounts to numerals and simple addition & subtraction games

Measuring Length Dinosaur Tails in Play Dough

Play Dough Dinosaur Printing

A huge thank you to this month’s sponsor Jump Star TrampolinesPlay Dough Dinosaur Printing: “Stomp Chomp, Big Roars, Here Come the Dinosaurs!