cut the wire, pull the plug.

BRAYDEN "SERPENTINE" CAIN // repeat after me: i am not a problem to be solved. repeat after me: i am worthy, i am worthy, i am neither the mistake nor the punishment. // half-alien. stealth operative. technogenius.
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We dont have ID cards made of plastic to strap on our coats. We have implants placed in our eyes that dislpay infromation when scanned

Just Visiting this Planet Space badge enamel pin by Em and Sprout - Soft enamel with rubber backing. - Measures about 1 in.

Random Inspiration #14

*** Crescent Moon, Earth’s Atmosphere (NASA, International Space Station Science, Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Knepper - Spacey

She renders herself up, is blotted out; enters the darkness of her own body, forgets her name. Immolation is what she wants, however briefly. To exist without boundaries. - Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

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Anthony: one of my thumbnail drawings had robotic arms, i was inspired by robots and cyborgs

ames, not yet subsumed into the vastness of space but keeping a growth mindset

Aesthetic Green, Aesthetic Grunge, Heather Duke, Genji Shimada, Neon Green, Tv, Green Eyes, Rafe Adler, Saeran