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Scrubba Wash Bag - The Pocket-sized Washing Machine

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the world's lightest and most compact washing machine that fits in your pocket and requires no electricity.

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30 crazy camping tricks that will make your life easier

30 crazy camping tips and hacks that you can use on your next trip that will make your life so much easier. For example, did you know that Doritoes make good fire starters? Discover more at Matador Network.

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27 Amazing Campgrounds In America For When You Need Chill Vibes

27 Killer Campgrounds That Will Help You Find Your Chill Know someone looking to hire top tech talent and want to have your travel paid for? Contact me,

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3-day Backpacking Checklist

Get my complete backpacking checklist which includes all the essential hiking gear I bring on weekend camping trips with recommendations for going lighter.

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The Ultimate 6-day Olympic National Park Itinerary

Discover the best campsites in Olympic National Park - like this one on the Sol Duc River

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How to Make Killer Camp Coffee using an Aeropress

Say goodbye to instant coffee. Get step-by-step instructions for making the best (and easiest) camp coffee of your life using an Aeropress.

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5 Tips for Hiking in the Rain: How to Stay Dry & Comfortable

April showers bring....wet hiking. Learn how to stay comfortable and dry on the trail with these 5 simple tips for hiking in the rain

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Desert Backpacking Tips for your first Southwest Adventure

Prepare for your southwest adventure with these desert backpacking tips! Learn where to go, what gear you need, and advice for having fun & being safe.

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Ultimate Guide to Planning your First Solo Road Trip

Coleman Instant Cabin - the tent I take car camping and to Burning Man

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Camping in California: Best Tent-Only Campgrounds near the Coast

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