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Michael's reaction when they announced won New Artist of the Year !

AH DAMN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED >.< <<< SAME<<<<<FUCK I DIDNT MEAN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED<<nuhuh not my fault*smiles like an idiot*

Looks like my finger slipped!no my finger didn't slip I am purposely posting this.

This is why they are some of the most amazing people I know >>> i f love them so much youu have no idea


I'm laughing so hard I DO WHAT I WANT!<< lol, these people are straight up savage 😂😂

Haha!!! So true!!!

Actually the wave represents the flood of change. At the end of Allegiant they release the water from the statue thing to symbolize the same thing.


xD look at ashton in the back of Luke's they are both soo funny (yes.)<<< Luke is me every day of my life. Every second.