Kaz Photographer by on @DeviantArt

My OC Kaz, hope you like it : > High res, process, PSD files of this and more…

Where Light and Darkness Meet (+ Video Process) by on @DeviantArt

Where Light and Dark Meet - Signed Fine Art Giclee Print - Wall Decor - Fantasy Wolf Galaxy Painting by Jonas Jödicke

a thing from yesterday's livestream. Unhappy Kurai. U:< "let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll." PSCS6 Edit: Lines/basework done in Sai

Wolf name: Crescent Moonlight Male Alpha wolf Healer/Healing powers Traits from father: Coat color Traits from mother: Healing power Mate: Hero What Crescent Moonlight is like~ Funny, outgoing, thoughtful, and very charming.

'Ochalean..?  [sekigan]

Dragon Age: Origins 이미지 Morrigan concept art from

Cannot Keep it Secret by *CoyoteMange on deviantART

crazy - found this coyote image with and infinity loop on top! Cannot Keep it Secret by *CoyoteMange on deviantART