Duck Dynasty Quotes

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Duck Dynasty Quotes

Duck Dynasty Quotes

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Phil Robertson, "Can she cook?"

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Jase Robertson on the dangers of being redneck.

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  • Donna Trulli
    Donna Trulli

    By Laura Clark

Willie Robertson, a very true statement about being a parent.

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  • John Hinton
    John Hinton

    I can relate to this!

Si Robertson, on what rednecks are into.

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Willie Robertson, more on how to be a redneck.

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I love this comparison! Illustration of why Willie's nickname was "Dimples" in high school.

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  • P K Pressley
    P K Pressley

    John Luke is adopted.

  • Anita Stratton
    Anita Stratton

    John Luke and Sadie are their biological kids. Little Willie is adopted.

  • ✿Kimberly Holly✿
    ✿Kimberly Holly✿

    True Anita and John Luke looks just like the young Willie.

  • | c h a r   r o b |
    | c h a r r o b |

    Sadie looks so much like Willie!!

  • Melissa Campbell
    Melissa Campbell

    i like them both NOW

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Si Robertson, warning the beavers.

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Willie Robertson

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  • Mindy Walton Fritz
    Mindy Walton Fritz

    Love these guys!

Miss Kay Robertson

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Jase Robertson on RVs.

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • Maddie


  • Maddie


Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Jase Robertson

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Jase Robertson on his favorite activity.

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Phil Robertson on what to watch out for with bees, dogs and women.

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Jase Robertson, a redneck philosopher.

Duck Dynasty - A&E

That's for sure!

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  • B Touhey
    B Touhey

    love this family!

Jase Robertson, truer words were never spoken.

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • Betsy Smith
    Betsy Smith

    @Nathan Smith - hahaha!

They say the best humor is true...

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • JoDee David
    JoDee David

    Is he talking about his own wife?

  • Casey Gibson
    Casey Gibson


  • Noelle Monrean
    Noelle Monrean

    Good thing I hardly wear any!

  • Jacob Elbon
    Jacob Elbon

    Then Jason is safe. (If you read Lost Hero you would understand)

Willie from Duck Dynasty with redneck philosophy

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • Brandi Martin
    Brandi Martin

    This seriously is the best show EVER. I wish Si and the whole gang was part of my family!

  • Heather Penrose
    Heather Penrose

    I love this show!

  • Katie Kline
    Katie Kline

    It is my FAVORITE,

  • Judy Owens Crow
    Judy Owens Crow

    the bestes show ever

  • Kathleen Cicciarelli
    Kathleen Cicciarelli

    Best show on TV! Love it. I wish it was on every night!

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Jase from Duck Dynasty with another great idea

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • Maria Stamus
    Maria Stamus


  • Mnamana B.
    Mnamana B.

    This is my mantra

Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty, on fancy tires for your pickup.

Duck Dynasty - A&E

Willie from Duck Dynasty with a little redneck logic.

Duck Dynasty - A&E
  • Jolene Baker
    Jolene Baker

    I don't understand how we aren't related...Love the show!

  • Rebecca Lee
    Rebecca Lee