Danetta "Beautifulindian" Essue
Danetta "Beautifulindian" Essue
Danetta "Beautifulindian" Essue

Danetta "Beautifulindian" Essue

Always researching new ideas that inspire my life and how I live!!

Skee-Ball Indoor Activity | Indoor Activities | Parents Connect

10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids, hative.com/...,

Marshmallow Challenge Handout. A great team building activity for the first days of school! Watched it in action, all types of students get involved! Love it!

Team Challenge: Dried Spaghetti. Love this for synergy Good for a PD

Cup Challenge - groups work together to stack cups in a pyramid using string and a rubber band.

Have you tried a STEM Challenge yet? ---Getting Excited about STEM! {Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math}

STEM Challenge- I was told today that this is the best STEM class we have ever had! They loved building boats!

Paper Roller Coasters - A STEM Activity

Engineering on a Dime: 3 STEM Challenges You Can Do Today | Minds in Bloom

Over 3000 STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math) activities for kids compiled by top science museums in the country, all are free.

tape my notes on half of their page and then have them make their own notes on the other half- love this for interactive notebooks!

School of Fisher: Interactive Notebook Planning!

Middle School Teacher Blog: Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes: Back to School!