afro mermaids

some black women can swim...

afro mermaids

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t-funster: “ “ Brazilian Mythology October: Iara ” Iara (from Old Tupi yîara, meaning “Water Lady”) is a beautiful mermaid-like creature living in a river in Amazonas. The legend comes from different...

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"La Sirene" flag by Roudy Azor Vodou flags (also called drapos or banners) are traditionally used to decorate the site where a ceremony is held. They are also draped across the backs of ceremony participants so that, as they dance, the shimmer produced by the glittering beads, sequins, and seed pearls will attract a particular lwa or spirit

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MATURE La Sirene, a Vodou mermaid goddess

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Mairama la sirena - Stefano Faravelli

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"Dancing Mermaids" by Fernand Pierre

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Fernand Pierre

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fernand pierre - haiti

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Swamp Mermaid by lostie815 Check out more Black Mermaids HERE!

Black Women Art! – Swamp Mermaid by lostie815 Check out more Black...

10X13" mermaid mother with boy and girl children. light turquoise, warm brown skin tone, african american polynesian. on Etsy, $23.00

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Mermaid art by Enfant de Feu afro african

Mermaid Art Print by Enfant de feu | Society6

Limited Edition BORICUA Mermaid Ornament No. 3 by olgaayala, $30.00

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jewel hair mermaid christie by *nightwing1975 :: Check out our Black Mermaid section HERE! ::

Black Women Art! – jewel hair mermaid christie by *nightwing1975 ::...

Black Women Art! (NSFW), Alicia by ~m9975005 :: Check out our Black Mermaid...

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Lovely shot from the back

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potasium: “pastel mermaids are my aesthetic ”

✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿, potasium: pastel mermaids are my aesthetic

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yemanja_mami_wata_lasiren_bruja_sirena_by_sebastianmerman-d8ahizo.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 794 pixels)

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Mami's Sisters in the African Atlantic || Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and its Diasporas

Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and its Diasporas

Hand sculpted polymer clay journal art journal by FaceARTifacts

Hand sculpted polymer clay journal, art journal, mermaid cover art, multimedia sketchbook, Coptic binding, handbound journal, ooak journal

Art by Jainai Jeffries. .. .. Follow her here --> Inspirational fydbac .. .. #art #artwork #illustration #painting #paintings #paint #painter #illustrations #illustrator #illustrate #artist #artistic #pride #prideweekend #gaylove #blacklove #gaypride #blackpride #fantasy #anime #manga #kawaii #mermaid #mermaids #merman

@nubiamancy on Instagram: “Art by Jainai Jeffries. .. .. Follow her here --> @fydbac .. .. #art #artwork #illustration #painting #paintings #paint #painter…”

Yemanya is the Goddess of the oceans and the moon. Earth mother of the oceans bless the waters in her womb. Star Dolphin… Mermaiden sings… Water Goddess swims in the Divine Healing Love and Light she brings words & art by Cher Lyn

Lemuria Underwater Heaven - Moon Woman Rising

Tika Black Mermaid by Hotpeeznbutta on Etsy

Tika Black Mermaid

Yeye Yemoja

Iemanja by Oradine on deviantART