afro mermaids

some black women can swim...

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afro mermaids

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Mami's Sisters in the African Atlantic || Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and its Diasporas

Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and its Diasporas

Hand sculpted polymer clay journal art journal by FaceARTifacts

Hand sculpted polymer clay journal, art journal, mermaid cover art, multimedia sketchbook, Coptic binding, handbound journal, ooak journal

Art by Jainai Jeffries. .. .. Follow her here --> Inspirational fydbac .. .. #art #artwork #illustration #painting #paintings #paint #painter #illustrations #illustrator #illustrate #artist #artistic #pride #prideweekend #gaylove #blacklove #gaypride #blackpride #fantasy #anime #manga #kawaii #mermaid #mermaids #merman

@nubiamancy on Instagram: “Art by Jainai Jeffries. .. .. Follow her here --> @fydbac .. .. #art #artwork #illustration #painting #paintings #paint #painter…”

Yemanya is the Goddess of the oceans and the moon. Earth mother of the oceans bless the waters in her womb. Star Dolphin… Mermaiden sings… Water Goddess swims in the Divine Healing Love and Light she brings words & art by Cher Lyn

Lemuria Underwater Heaven - Moon Woman Rising

Tika Black Mermaid by Hotpeeznbutta on Etsy

Tika Black Mermaid

Yeye Yemoja

Iemanja by Oradine on deviantART

Iemanjá (yemanjá), a Rainha do Mar, mãe de quase todos os orixás, é exaltada por negros e brancos. Iemanjá, possui vários nomes: sereia do mar, princesa do mar, rainha do mar, Inaé, Mucunã, Dandalunda, Janaína, Marabô, Princesa de Aiocá, Sereia, Maria, Dona Iemanjá; dependendo de cada região, mas sua origem vem da África. "A Iemanjá brasileira é resultado da miscigenação de elementos europeus, ameríndios e africanos".

Cuidado Demais Detona - UOL Blog

Black Women Art!: Black mermaid

Black Women Art! : Photo

Black Mermaid

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I love the colour scheme and the hair floating around, though I would have preferred if it were curlier, afro hair can grow and float like that as well. But it still looks like a queen resting, with her 'crown' of hair floating around her.

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Love, love, LOVE the dark skin, the black hair, and the gorgeous tail spread out like train for a queen. Beautiful example of how I wish black women were portrayed in art more often.

Black Women Art!, damaliabrams: got this from my sister’s...

WOC Mermaids by sully-s

Remember Me For Centuries

☆ Mermaid Art By :→: Sully-S ☆

Toon Brood

"Polyxena" by Ruth Magnus

Polyxena by Ruth Magnus

"La Sirene" by Hugh Michel Berrouet (Haiti)

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"Under the Sea" by mermaidstudio

Under the Sea by mermaidstudio

"Centralian Mermaid" by PrincesaSevilla

Browsing Digital Art on DeviantArt

Mermaid art by Kelsey Michele Soderstrom

sketches & things

Mermaid art by Malik Seneferu

from the hill and Beyond

"Iemanjá na Guanabara" by Orlando Sant'Anna

Orlando Sant'Anna

"Carib Siren" mermaid art by Carib Ibis

Carib Siren - Carib Ibis | Paintings & Prints, Fantasy & Mythology, Mythology, Other Mythology | ArtPal

Olokun cradling the slaves of the Middle Passage as they threw themselves overboard to their death.

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Maitre Syms, La Musique de Mami Wata, Acrylic on canvas, 2012, Private Collection

Galerie DEGBOMEY: Maitre Syms Congo RDC

Sirena Poster by HabanaBrandClothing on Etsy, $15.00

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