Prepper medicines to stock - glad to see colloidal silver is mentioned here - it really is an overlooked essential. In a cream, it works miracles on burns.

For power outages: use solar yard lights as night lights indoors. Safer for kids than candles and they last a long time!

This has some great ideas for the unique needs of kids during an emergency. 72 hour kits for kids of all ages! #Doublethebatch

With the cold season coming to a close I wanted to share one more survival craft that you can do in order to provide some off-grid heat to a...

Natural Wound Care at Home: 7 Products You Need for Your Homemade First Aid Kit #summer #diy #vegan

Are you ready to learn how to wash clothes during an emergency? Remember the month of September is National Emergency Preparedness month. Today I am going to show you my new and improved portable emergency…

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